Earth our 2017

Last but not least thanks to our young memberships Deez Sides Art and Jovana Božić which were worthy and committed organized this collage program as well as to friends from organization CEFIX which are always with us. And don’t forget every hour is hour for planet earth. We must keep her the other we don’t have!



Thanks to everybody who supported this action. To those which were hanged out with us, as well as to person which turned off lights and unnecessary devices at home. Especial thanks to: Music school Josif Marinković – Vršac, Musical centre Zvočići, chorus Lilt professors, World open hearth, Educational creative centre Wizard and to our friends which supported us for a many years: Mišo Mićić, Slobodan Jerković, Nikola Jerković, Darko Angelovski and Vesna Kukić. Thanks to Petar Slijpcević – photograph for his creative contribution, local media TV Banat and Vršačka kula, Swisslion-Takovo and Vršac town.