Expansion of the organizational capacities

Project name: Expansion of the organizational capacities of Environmental organization Avalon.

Regional Environmental Center (REC) has supported our project in accordance with their plan of empowering the development of the capacities of NGOs. The project dealt with the development of organizational strategic plans and education of the members regarding the project-writing activities.

The final achievement of the program held in 2009 was the development of the strategic plan named: Organization Developing Plan.

Executive Summary

– Autorisation of ODP by Committee

– NGO description

– ODP process description

– SWOT analysis description

– Sustainability questions

– Development goals

– Defining of the expected goals and results of Steering Committee and President

– Activities planning

– Gantt’s diagram

– Allocation of the implementational resources for the action plan (human and financial resources)

– Monitoring and evaluation of the action plan’s application

– Monitoring of the process by ODP

– Executive Summary

This document contains the analysis of the strengths and the weaknesses of the organization and the improvements necessary for the successful continuation of activities. The key tendencies were highlighted so as to provide a clear direction for the appropriate development.

The document’s development process had started by the NGO’s self analysis of the degree of its develoment by a systematic evaluation of organizational capacities according to the recommended methodology. This analysis was conducted in the alignment with the set of premises specifically constructed for this program and it is named “The diagnostics of NGO’s organizational development”. This methodology is developed by REC and their program called SECTOR.

Through the dynamics analysis and the feedback, ten representatives of Avalon have conducted the examination of the capacities their NGO.

The following NGO members were assigned the role of ensuring the further expansion of the capacities in accordance with the developmental plan: president, steering committee, project coordinators, monitoring and evaluation manager and design and print manager. It has also been established that all of the members of the NGO could contribute to the fulfillment of the decided goals.