Join Vršstok – 50 years of Woodstock celebration

Environmental Association Avalon and Association Eduakcija will organize manifestation Vršastok regarding to 50 years of famous hippie festival Woodstock in Serbian town Vršac. This manifestation will happen in period 09. – 18. August this year, but its last part – planting trees will happen at the beginning of November, as a direct contribution to environment. Beside it Vršstok will have the following segments: hippie defile, mini fair, a movie review, bit poetry promotion and, of course, concert.

Avalon recognized a few significant reasons for such decision. Hippie culture which top is just Woodstock gave so strong contribution to establishing of environmental movement. Their high respecting of ideas of solidarity and love among the beings produce spiritual-humanistic background from where we draw strength for nature protection.

Even more important is cultural signification of Hippie movement. Its value definitions directed to perception of artistic articles and transcendence we need more than ever because we are living in times of materialistic tightness and new modalities of roughens. Advocates of rationality and their pseudo serious attitudes produced just extreme misbalance, warped egomania and blindness for spirituality what questionable surviving of our civilization.

We need it through us reconsideration of actual system of values as well as deliberation of alternatives among which hippie idea has especial place. Its content offer positive relation to planet and consider it appropriate social ecological principles of co-existence of nature and human.

Ecological Association Avalon

Protection of natural assets

Preservation of ecosystems in protected natural resources.

Energetic efficiency

Implementing the principles of energy efficiency and intensifying the use of sustainable energy sources (wind, sun, geothermal energy, biogas …)

Waste management

Awareness rising on the importance of waste management, including the recycling of secondary raw materials.

Raising environmental awareness

The development of a society on social principles which implies the establishment of solidarity relations with nature.

Protection of human rights

Building a harmonious society in which equality exists between members of different layers of society.

Protection of water, air and soil

Encouraging the preservation of the basic elements of the environment, that is, the main nature conservation resources.



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