Lecture: The subtle worlds around us

On the 13th July, a lecture was held in Tačka Susretanja under the title “Subtle worlds around us” organized by Environmental organization Avalon and Tačka susretanja. The lecturer was the radiesthesist Zoran Milenković, born in Vršac and living in Switzerland, who had graduated from the university for alternative medicine on radiestehsia.

Zoran had showcased a series of interesting practices in the domain of radiesthesia thus bringing closer to the audience the world of energy flows whose structure constitutes a significant building element of space on the macro and micro levels.

The hegemony held by the materialistic world regarding the methods of the examination of the natural phenomena still holds radiesthesia to play only a marginal role in the scientific world, however, the demonstrated precision and exactness in its measurement of energy flow deserves a far more respected position within the scientific community.

Zoran Milenkovic has held a series of lectures over several years thus contributing to our insights into subtler levels of our existence. Just as these lectures are largely significant to our civilization deeply entrenched in the superficiality of the materialistic outlook, so they are significant to our local community that shares the exact same destiny.