Press release: VRŠSTOK


One of the most important decisions of the Assembly of the Ecological Association Avalon, which was recently held, was to organize the event, 50 years of Woodstock. This event will be held in Vrsac this August, when it will be exactly fifty years from this big hippy festival. It is planned that the event has several segments: hippie defile, mini fair, cycle of films and, certainly, a concert. Avalon has recognized several important reasons for making such a decision. Hippie culture, which reached its peak by Woodstock, has greatly contributed to the formation of an ecological movement. Highly valued by the idea of ​​solidarity and love among beings, they gave a a spiritual-humane framework from which we are still drawing strength today for the struggle that we lead against the destruction of nature. Equally, if not more important, there is a cultural significance of the hippie movement. Their values are ​​oriented towards the experiences of artistic content and transcendental are more necessary than ever, since we live in a materialistic world and new modality of trampling. The advocates of rationality have led us with their pseudo seriousness to the ultimate imbalance, twisted ego-mania and blindness for the spiritual, which our civilization itself calls into question. We need to reexamine the current value system, as well as to consider alternatives among which the hippie culture has a special place. Its content offers a more positive attitude towards the planet and the corresponding socio-ecological principles of the coexistence of man and nature.