Project: „From IBA areas to Natura 2000”

Projekat: „Od IBA područja ka Naturi 2000”

2011. we cooperate with organizations Mladi istraživači Srbije, „Sunce“ from Split (Croatia), „Green home“ from Podgorice (Montenegro) and WWF on project „Partners action for bidiversity protection in region West Balkan – support to organizations and partnership developing trough projects”, which was supported by European Commision. Inside this broather project we were realised our smaller project „From IBA areas to Natura 2000”.

Project content: Condition:

At South-East Banat exist two important and territorially extensive IBA areas „Deliblatska peščara“ and „Vršačke planine“, which together with „Carpathians“ on east are significant corridor for birdhs. However, There arn’t enough knowledge about it at public. Therefore real change of competent institutions and citizens relation to its areas missing. Of course, IBA territory will be base for establishing of NATURA 2000 areas, according to everything. It’s reason way is so important to save it and give appropriate pertinence in public to it. Knowledge of inhabitants of area about NATURA 2000 is insufficient, what present general unwillingness for changnes which are needed for protection of habitat and b iodiversity saving.

This project will care about promotion of IBA and potential NATURA 2000 areas but also about empowerment of relations among environment NGOs.


Actualization of: IBA i NATURA 2000 areas importance, energetic efficiency in public as well as among experts and coherence of environmental NGOs.

· South-East Banat IBA areas promotion,

· Preparing activities for South-East Banat NATURA 2000 areas establishing initiation,

· Organizing of manifestation „NATURA 2000“ wich would animate public for this issue and where will participate representatives of NATURA 2000 memberships.


· Leaflets and posters with a map of South-East Banat IBA areas realisation,

· IBA areas informative boards realisation and putting up,

· South-East Banat NATURA 2000 areas establishing initiation support by organized Eco team through its visiting of habitats twice a month,

· Organizing of manifestation „NATURA 2000“. With help of representatives of NATURA 2000 memberships we will realize educational- entertaining program wich will approached meaning of our efforts to public,

· Press Conference realising,

· Project movie realising.