Project: Strengthening Public Credibility and Environment

After period of 6 months project: Strengthening Public Credibility and Environment of Environmental Association Avalon which was supported by OSCE were finished. Activities of project were directed on citizens informing about investments and their possible influence on environment, as well as on possible public influence on decision making process about environmentally risky investments.

Our Municipality sector of communal housing affairs and Region secretariat of urbanism, construction and environment sent us more than 20 documents connected to subject of our project. In this period there were a few investments which were possible damage to environment. Most significant among them were Base station for wireless fixed telephony and PA104 – investor Orion telekom d.o.o. and Drive for primary and secondary packaging of pharmacy articles – investor Roster d.o.o. Those cases were appropriate for following of decision making processes.

Public and especially potentially endangered citizens were informed on a different ways: by leaflets, posters, press articles, web site, facebook and 10 episodes of project TV serial. Interested population received much better insight about participating in decision making process through information about relevant documents availability as well as about possibilities of participating at public argument linked to appropriate Study on Environmental Impact Assessment. Because of success of this Avalon role we organized Information-Consultation centre in town which was opened every working day. Also, we organized 3 meetings with citizens and the other stakeholders because explanations of experts about different casa dilemmas. More than hundred of our Municipality inhabitants participated project. Even bigger number of citizens was informed due to 6 months long campaign.

Herewith project supported democratic rights of citizens to use Low of Environmental Impact Assessment and participate decision making processes about potential dangerousness for environment. Vrsac Municipality environment problems were actualized and realized one of important aims – document: Strategy of animation citizens to participate such decision making processes proposal what was created due to project experience.

As a pilot project it will be base for new and broader projects, we hope.