Let’s bring it back together

The upcoming August 2019 is remarkable as it represents 50 years since Woodstock festival and the two organizations called Avalon and Eduakcija from Vršac, in Serbia, need your help to organize a manifestation named VRŠSTOK celebrating the anniversary in their hometown.

Besides promoting the alternative lifestyle through a rich cultural program the week prior to and during the day of the manifestation, what makes our celebration special is our intention to accentuate another key segment of the hippie movement – the readiness to directly deal the major issues in the society. Thus, in this spirit, we plan to organize a big tree planting campaign afterwards, in order to counter the effects of the recent deforestation of Vršac’s forests which happened in April and May 2019.

We will be soon launching IndieGoGo campaign to collect the funds for the manifestation and the link will be updated here.

If you are a company that would like to sponsor us, we offer different sponsorship offers, so you may feel free to contact us.

What drives us

Even though we are fond of the values characteristic of hippie movement of the 60s: solidarity, love, diversity, freedom and peacefulness, throughout many years of our work we have become deeply aware of the ways in which these values have been degrading in a contemporary world.

Above everything, it is not hard to notice how often we hear of the downfall of the public mental health. The technological advancements had connected us to an unimaginable extent, but the fast-paced lives have led us to almost entirely substitute face-to-face interaction with the online communication, despite all the well known benefits of the former.

If we check the official research studies or merely go searching the Internet about depression and loneliness, we find that this issue is taking on the global scale and that youngsters are the ones primarily affected.

On the other side, we are seemingly at the race with time regarding the environmental issues. We’ve seen protests rising around the world demanding this to be faced and the nations teaming up in a specific kind of solidarity to address the global problem.

The effects of the unsustainable relationship with the nature are reflected in our country in the form of the problems such as deforestation, small hydro power plants, air, water and soil pollution.

All of this is directly related to the problems of the civilization’s collective mind and therefore it is important that the reminding of the hippie movement is not merely symbolic through the celebration of the anniversary, but that it shows clearly what are the core problems of today and the ways to deal with them.

On top of that, we understand the responsibility of doing so in our hometown of around 40,000 people as seemingly small actions do make a meaningful contribution to the community, not only directly by improving people’s lives, but also by opening a possibility of other such communities identifying themselves and following the path, thus realizing the potential of starting the global scale change on the small level.

The Program

The Hippie Week
August 9th – August 17th 2019

The promotion of the hippie culture will begin a week prior to the major manifestation and will encompass various related content throughout a week.

  •   Beatnik poetry night

  •   Hippie Hour: the local cafes, restaurants and bars will promote the hippie music during Hippie Hour
  •  Two documentaries related to the hippie movement will be played (the titles will be published in Updates soon)
  • Two movies related to the hippie movement will be played (the titles will be published in Updates soon)

August 17th 2019

The Hippie Défilé

With the intention of further spreading the spirit of the hippie movement, a group of people passionately committed to the hippie ideas would collectively walk from the downtown of Vršac to the local park, where the concert will be held, while dressed in the characteristic hippie clothes.

The Concert

After reaching the local park, there will begin the concert featuring musicians playing the music of the various artists related to the hippie movement such as:

Janis Joplin, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Joni Mitchell, Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Richie Havens, John Lennon, George Harrison and similar.

    The Hippie Flea Market

    Throughout the day, next to the concert held in park will be many stands selling various items related to the hippie movement such as:

    Clothes, Eco-bags, Paintings, Handmade souvenirs, Handmade jewellery, Books, Vinyls, Flowers, Organic food


    An Open Yoga Class

    The visitors will have an opportunity to participate in an open Yoga Class among the the beautiful trees of our town park

    Green Day
    November 2019

    About two months later, as the tree planting season starts in the early November, we will organize a tree planting campaign.

    The process will be recorded and a short movie will be posted online listing the names of people who had a tree planted in their name.

    VRŠSTOK Movie

    January 2020

    If we reach our ultimate stretch goal, we will be making a short movie about VRŠSTOCK which will be finished and uploaded in January 2020 and will be followed by further promotion with the goal of further promoting the alternative lifestyle.